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Wooden Garden Structures

KDP Landscaping is your local choice for the design and build of high-quality custom decks, cabanas, gazebos, pergolas, gates, sheds, privacy screens and many other unique outdoor wooden garden structures.

Cabanas & Pool Houses

Today’s cabanas and pool houses are the ultimate in outdoor enjoyment, and not just because of their stunning beauty. The real enjoyment comes with all the leisure possibilities the cabana or pool house offers. More than just a shaded lounge area by the pool, it can be a special setting to dine with friends, a favourite family space, a needed storage area, a summer guest cottage, even a place to gather by a crackling fire. When you want to get the most out of your summer in the backyard, this is a great way to extend the season!


A  gazebo is a freestanding, often open-on-all-sides, outdoor roofed structure that will provide you with shade and shelter from the elements and a great place to dine. A well-designed gazebo will greatly enhance any backyard landscape, whether it’s integrated into a deck or placed in a quiet area of your backyard. Garden shelters can  be equipped with screens to keep the bugs away, so you can stay long into the evening hours entertaining or playing games with family and friends.


Pergolas are a partially roofed outdoor structure that provide partial shade and in some cases, added privacy to your deck and backyard areas. Pergolas can also be enhanced with vines and planters, which add further shading and privacy. A pergola adds a special natural beauty to a backyard space, and often a welcome sense of structure to an otherwise wide-open space. It just invites you to come out and live a little of the good life!


Pavilions add valuable leisure space and architectural beauty to your property. As a chic lounge area or an al fresco dining space, the pavilion lends an immediate feeling of luxury to a backyard. In the most practical terms, it’s an important source of shade for your outdoor enthusiasts, a protected location for your backyard furniture and it invariably enhances the value of the home.

Garden Sheds

Why not make that future plan you’ve been dreaming about into a reality now – you know, the one where you’re blissfully wiling away the hours working in your picture-perfect garden shed. We’ll custom design the style, dimensions and details to fit your yard

Garden Arbors

Enhance your landscape with an garden arbor, or trellis. Garden arbors create a beautiful and inviting entrance to your garden, while adding year-round height and interest. They offer instant impact and provide a focal point. Garden trellises lend attractive support for flowering vines and climbers, and can be used freestanding, against a structure or in large pots. Our garden arbors and trellises are available in metal, wood and durable, low-maintenance PE and vinyl.

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