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Old homes have older pools, and when remodeling the landscape, upgrading the pool can be  a major part of the project. The simplest approach may be new pool decks, coping and waterline tile which transform a dated pool.

Keith Phillips of KDP Landscaping specializes in giving older pools a more modern look. "A lot of older pools have  those old precast coping units. Often just getting rid of that part can make a big difference” .

Why Remodel Your Pool?

Pools are redone for various reasons:

  1. To bring its look and feel up to todays’ standards.
  2. Old pools may require repairs to equipment, masonry and mechanical systems.
  3. New technology can add fresh features and energy conservation to a pool's maintenance and operation.

With a swimming pool, the evaluation of existing conditions of the shell, decks and mechanical systems is a challenge, particularly when it comes to underground wiring and plumbing. Often problems are not visible until the pool is drained or major demolition reveals that actual condition of the pools’ buried systems.

Demolition is also a significant part of the job. The removal of old plaster, the pool shell if necessary, and old concrete decking must be broken up and hauled off site. KDP has the  heavy equipment to cope with the weight. Demolition may be time and labor intensive, particularly if access to the site is limited. A great proportion of the pool  remodel cost is removal and disposal costs

Remodelling older pools may involve:

  • replacement of the old filters and pumps to more energy and water efficient models.
  • Conversion to high capacity filters that can eliminate backwashing and require filter clean out less frequently
  • Adding variable speed pumps reduce energy and save money.
  • Changing to salt water pools to eliminate the need to add chlorine often.
  • LED lighting is far superior to the old costly bulbs and add color options for exotic underwater lighting.
  • Energy efficient heating systems use far less gas or electricity than older models.

Pool remodeling is a specialty which takes experience and know how – KDP Landscaping has the experience.

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